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Green Card

The Green Card Certificate is an international card for motor insurance, issued by the National Bureau, under the provisions of Recommendation No. 5, adopted by the Principal Working Party on Road Transport of the Inland Transport Committee of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations, on the 25th January, 1949.

The international Green Card Certificate is officially recognized by the governments of the member countries of the Green card system and serves as an evidence of a compulsory third-party liability insurance policy while using a motor vehicle in a foreign country.

The Green Card Certificate is a compulsory international motor insurance card when visiting countries of the Green card system, which are not members of the EEC, and namely:

Albania Morocco
Bosnia and Herzegovina Russia
Belarus Montenegro
Republic of Macedonia Tunis
Israel Turkey
Iran Ukraine
Moldova Azerbaijan


Kosovo is not a member of the Green Card system. Motorists of Kosovar vehicles wishing to cross the borders are likely to be requested to conclude frontier insurance. Motorists of Bulgarian vehicles, wishing to enter Kosovo, have to obtain a valid for the territory of Kosovo Third Party Liability Insurance at the Border Crossing Point.


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