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Frontier Insurance

Any holder of a motor vehicle registered in a third country is obliged, on entering or during its stay on the territory of Bulgaria without a valid Green Card certificate to conclude, prior to the crossing of the frontier, a contract of insurance against civil liability of motor insurance holders - so-called frontier insurance.

The insurers can not issue frontier insurance contract to vehicles normally based in member states or in countries signatories of the Multilateral agreement. 

A contract of such insurance shall be effected for a minimum period of one month and for no longer than three months. The insurance contract becomes effective as from the date and the hour of signing thereof and terminates at midnight on the expiry date, specified in the contract.

In case the frontier insurance expires before the motorist leaves the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, the same is obliged to conclude another contract, before the expiry term of the valid insurance.

The frontier insurance policy is issued together with a Green card certificate.

The insurance premium under the frontier insurance is non-recurrent and is paid at the insurance contract conclusion.

In case of an accident, the insured has to refer:

- in the territory of Bulgaria – to the Insurer that has issued the policy

- abroad – to the National Bureau of the respective country, the contact details of which are indicated at the back of the Green Card Certificate.

The insured is obliged to keep with him the frontier insurance policy together with the Green Card Certificate and to submit it before the police authorities upon request as an evidence of the insurance cover.


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