National bureau of bulgarian motor insurers

The Fourth Motor Insurance Directive

The objective of the Fourth Motor Insurance Directive is to lay down special provisions applicable to injured parties entitled to compensation in respect of any loss or injury resulting from accidents occurring in a Member State other than the Member State of residence of the injured party which are caused by the use of vehicles insured and normally based in a Member State

Information Centers

The information centre is responsible for collecting and making accessible all information concerning contracts of insurance against civil liability of motor vehicle holders as well as information about claims representatives appointed by insurance undertakings.

Representatives for settling of claims

Each Member State takes all measures necessary to ensure that all insurance undertakings appoint a claims representative in each EEC Member State, Switzerland or Andorra, i.e. other than that in which they have received their official authorization

The claims representative is responsible for handling and settling claims arising from an accident. However, if within three months of the date when the injured party presented his claim for compensation, he has not been provided with a reasoned reply to the points made in the claim, the injured party may present the claim to the compensation body in the Member State of his residence

Compensation body

In appliance with the Fourth Motor Insurance Directive each Member State establishes or approves a compensation body responsible for providing compensation to injured parties. As from January 1, 2007 and pursuant to the Insurance Code in Republic of Bulgaria, the NBBMI in its capacity of a Compensation body pays indemnity to the damaged party, residing in Bulgaria, in case:
1. The Insurer of the responsible driver or the relevant claim representative has not fulfilled his obligations within three month term;
2. The Insurer of the responsible driver has not appointed a representative for settlement of claims in the Republic of Bulgaria;
3. The ascertainment of the motor vehicle, that has caused the insurance event in a Member State, different from the Republic of Bulgaria, is impossible;
4. In two months term from the date when the accident occurred in a Member State, different from Republic of Bulgaria, it has been impossible to determine the insurer of the responsible driver;
5. The accident has occurred on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria and has been caused by a motor vehicle which has no valid motor Third Party Liability insurance.


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