National bureau of bulgarian motor insurers


The National Bureau of Bulgarian Motor Insurers – NBBMI:

• organizes, administers and controls the preparation, print out and issuance of the international cards for motor insurance referred to as Green Card certificate as well as frontier insurance.

• enters into agreements with national insurance bureaux, compensation bodies and guarantee funds of Member States in connection with the functioning of the Third Party Liability Insurance of Motorists.

• accepts notices of injured persons of damages and injuries caused to them in the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, by motor vehicles normally based on the territory of a Member State or a third country.

• assists for the due payment by the Members of the Bureau of any indemnities for damages caused abroad.

• pays indemnities as a Compensation body in the cases stipulated in the Insurance Code and in Art.45 of the Articles of Association of NBBMI.


1000 Sofia,
2, Str. Graf Ignatiev, fl.2
Phone number:
+359 2 981 11 03
Fax number:
+359 2 981 10 73


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