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Vehicles Registered in Bulgaria

Traffic accidents caused by Bulgarian motor vehicles on the territory of Bulgaria


- Call the Traffic Police;
- Obtain a Police Accident Report.

1. Find the nearest office of the Insurer of the responsible party and claim your damages directly to him.

2. In case you are a resident of a Member State signatory of the MGA (i.e. the EEA countries, Andorra and Switzerland) you may return to your country of residence and settle your claim through the relevant claim representative of the Bulgarian insurance company of the responsible driver.

3.If you are not able to identify the Insurer of the responsible driver you may turn to NBBMI for assistance and further information.

Key issues:

Limits of liability for Republic of Bulgaria - 01.01.2016

The minimum limits of liability required for personal injuries and material damages are as follows:

1. BGN 10 000 000 for personal injuries per accident;

2. BGN 2 000 000 for material damages per accident.

Insurance Coverage

The compulsory motor Third Party Liability Insurance covers liability of the insured for damages caused to third persons, inclusive pedestrians, bicyclists, and other participants in the traffic, as well as damages resulting from the possession or use of a motor vehicle, inclusive.

Tractors and trailers

1. Damages caused by a trailer that has been coupled to the tractor and is functionally dependent on the motor vehicle during its motion and/or if it has been disconnected while in motion, shall be covered by the compulsory insurance of the Motor Third Party Liability of the tractor.

2. Damages caused by a trailer which is not coupled with the motor vehicle and is not functionally dependent on the motor vehicle, which has not been set in motion or it has self-run shall be covered by the insurer covering the compulsory insurance of the Motor Third Party Liability of the trailer”.


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