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COVID-19 - Home-office measures

Due to the recent developments regarding the spreading of Covid-19, the National Assembly of Bulgaria declared a state of emergency on 13th March 2020. Based on the above Decision and the consequent Order No РД-01-124 dated 13th March 2020 of the Minister of Health, all organizations are ordered to implement home-office measures for their employees wherever possible.

Please be kindly advised that the office of the NBBMI will be closed as well, effective16th March 2020 till at least 5th April 2020. Currently we are reorganizing the process and we will continue to work from home. Insignificant delays in some cases may be possible.

The Bulgarian Bureau and our employees can be reached via e-mail. We will not be able to answer our regular telephone landlines.

Thanking you in anticipation for your understanding and wishing everyone good health,




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